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Pumpkins at Priory Farm Shop


You'll always find a superb selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables at Priory Farm Shop.

Strawberries and prized English asparagus are grown for us by the renowned pick your own farm, Crockford Bridge, located at Addlestone. 

On a daily basis we receive orders fresh from the London markets. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are sourcing the freshest possible products. In 2014 we changed to a new, much smaller, supplier since the change we are proud to be offering a superior product at a much better price, we were able to drop the overall prices by, on average, a third*

As with any seasonal product, our ranges vary. We are always happy to tell you what we have available, and to reserve produce for you – if there is something you particularly need, do ring the Farm Shop on 01737 822603 or email using the the button below.

*Prices based on previous year retail price, at a similar time of year for most accurate comparison

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