Celebrate Burns Night
with Priory Farm

Burns Night is always a welcome celebration in the depths of winter, celebrated annually on the 25th January.

As always, our very own Scot and master butcher Andy, will be making sure our Butchery Counter is stocked with the very best Scottish delicacies, including haggis, black pudding, Andy’s infamous Lorne sausage and Chicken Balmoral.

Read on to find out more about why Burns Night is celebrated, as well as details on all the delicious Scottish delicacies we have in store at Priory Farm Shop.

Alongside our Butchery favourites, we’ll have a range of Scottish cheeses and of course, a wee dram of Scotch whisky.

Burns Night items available from Saturday 20th January.

What is Burns Night?

Celebrated on January 25th, Burns Night is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, an 18th century Scottish poet, loved and admired not only for his verse and great love-songs, but also for his character and high spirits. A vibrant celebration of all things Scottish and a popular event for Scots around the world. 

The very first Burns supper was held in 1801 in July, when nine of Robert Burns’ friends got together to mark the fifth anniversary of the poet’s death. The night included a feast of haggis, performances of Burns’ work and a speech. It was such a success that the group started to host the event annually, but this time on Burns’ birthday, thus beginning the tradition that we know today.

What’s on our Burns Night Menu?

The star of a Burns Night’s meal is haggis, Scotland’s national dish. Haggis is made from various sheep’s offal (or other animal), minced and mixed with suet and oatmeal, seasoned with onion and spices, packed into a sheep’s stomach and boiled. While it may sound less than appetising on paper, the result is a popular, hearty dish with a deliciously peppery flavour. 

The “great chieftain o’ the puddin-race”, as Burns famously called it, haggis was immortalised in his poem “Address to the Haggis”, which is read out at Burns Night celebrations across the globe.

Each haggis maker will have a slightly different recipe, you’ll find Haggis from The Farmer’s Son in the Farm Shop, made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, free from added sugar or dairy – the proof is in the pudding!

Haggis Bon Bons

For a twist on traditional fayre for Burn Nights, give our haggis bon bons a try! Made in-house in the Priory Farm Kitchen, they’re great for pre-dinner nibbles, as a starter, or part of a Burn’s Night Feast! Delicious served with a whiskey dipping sauce. Hand-made in our Butchery.

Lorne Sausage

Master Butchery Andy has been making his well loved Lorne sausage for many years! A firm Scottish favourite, Lorne sausage is traditionally made from a mixture of minced beef, rusk or fine breadcrumbs, and spices. Unlike a traditional sausage, Lorne sausages are square and have no casing, often served as part of traditional breakfast or in a hearty bread roll. Hand-made in our Butchery.

Black Pudding

Another Scottish institution, Black Pudding is not really a pudding, but a sausage made from pigs’ blood, onions, herbs, spices, and bound with oatmeal or barley. Every maker will have a slightly different recipe – you’ll find Black Pudding from The Farmer’s Son here in the Farm Shop, made by hand to a one-hundred-year-old family recipe, giving it a lean, well-seasoned character which is typical to Scotland.

Chicken Balmoral or Braemar

Chicken Balmoral is a delicious chicken breast, stuffed with haggis and wrapped in bacon, often served with an indulgent whisky cream sauce. Hand-made in our Butchery. Similar to a Chicken Balmoral, Chicken Braemar is stuffed with black pudding instead of haggis. Hand-made in our Butchery.

Scotch Pasty

Delicious shortcrust pastry packed with haggis, potato, swede and whiskey sauce to create a filling, hearty comfort food with a Scottish twist. Hand-made in our Butchery.

Scotch Pies

Made with a crust-like hot water pastry and filled with minced lamb, spiced with white pepper, nutmeg and ground coriander. Handmade in the Priory Farm Kitchen.

Neeps and Tatties

You can’t celebrate Burns Night without neeps and tatties! Don’t forget this Scottish staple as part of your celebrations, made from mashed swede (neeps) and mashed potatoes (tatties). Find out how make your own here.

Scottish Cheeses

We love a good Scottish cheese board and paired with a few chutneys and jellies, it’s a great alternative for Scottish Burns night celebration.

Caboc – said to be Scotland’s oldest cheese, Caboc is a rich double cream cheese, which is allowed to age naturally without the addition of rennet.

Black Crowdie – Black Crowdie (or Gruth Dhu) is a soft cream cheese with slightly sour, tangy milky flavour followed by a good kick of spicy pepper.

Morangie Brie – an artisan brie made in the Highlands,  featuring an edible bloomy rind, a rich and creamy cheese with elegant mushroom and grassy notes.

Strathdon Blue – a distinctive blue cheese that boasts a creamy texture and bold, tangy flavours.

Available from our Deli counter at the Farm Shop from Saturday 20th January (while stocks last).

Scotch Whiskey

No Burns Night celebration would be complete with a dram of your favourite scotch whiskey!

Pigs Nose Whiskey – The exceptional smoothness of Pig’s Nose whisky is rooted in the use of only the finest Malt and Grain whiskies, matured in high quality ex-bourbon oak. The result of this process is a whisky as soft and smooth as a Pig’s Nose.

Sheep Dip – A rich and fruity blended malt whisky that harks back to an era when farmers distilled their own ‘homemade’ whisky and hid it in barrels marked ‘sheep dip’ to avoid paying tax to the revenue man.

Tandhu – Matured exclusively in the finest sherry oak casks, with an intense burst of vibrant summer fruits. 

Smokehead – Smokehead Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is intensely rich yet subtly sweet. With immense smoke and notes of sea salt and spice, this is a vigorous whisky that stands out from the crowd.

Glengoyne – 12 year old whiskey with lemon zest, toffee apples and a scent of coconut. Hand-selected sherry casks help create this paradise of flavours and rich, golden colour. It’s the taste of Scotland’s slowest distillation, featuring barley dried by air – never peat.

Available at our Farm Shop (while stocks last).

Burns Night delicacies available from the 20th January.

Scottish Cranachan

Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert, made with sweet Scottish raspberries folded into cream flavoured with honey, whisky and toasted oats – what could be more delicious?