Are you ready to discover the magic that lies within Priory Farm?

Pebble, Timber and Fern are very excited to invite you to meet the most magical members of the Priory Farm family.. our woodland fairies!

Venture through the magical portal and shrink down to the size of a sprite to explore the brand new fairy playground. Along the way, you can sneak a peek at the enchanted fairy cocoons in the Fairy nursery and learn about the life cycle of a fairy. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a blue wing emerging from its cocoon!

Beneath the trees you’ll find our Fungi Friends and learn all about their secret Wood Wide Web, sending magic messages right underneath your feet! What will you choose to send across the forest in our giant acorn pulley? Don’t forget to make a wish to grow your wings – you may need them to flutter above the beautiful wildflowers on our new picture perfect fairy swing.

As you tiptoe across ancient fairy settlements in our brand new raised walkway, be sure not to wake the sleeping fairies! They are a mischievous bunch and very untidy so look out for hidden clues of what they’ve been up to! Whilst you’re down at the lake, be sure to visit Nature School and learn more about our Fungi Friends and quiz your grown ups with a leaf recognition game.

After all that magic, your wings will be ready for a well deserved rest. Glide over to our Shepherds Hut for a hot drink and an ice cream, or pop to the Coffee Shop for a delicious lunch and a slice of cake.

The Woodland Fairy Walk can be found within Discovery Land.

Entry is included as part of your ticket to Discovery Land.

Pre-Booking advised.