July: Wine of the Month

Dive into July with our Wine of the Month series! This month, we’re uncorking the vibrant and refreshing Oh My Orange—a perfect introduction to the world of Orange Wine. Scroll on to discover its unique flavours and pick up a bottle in our Farm Shop. 

Oh My Orange

It is often wrongly assumed that Orange Wines are made with the addition of oranges. However, it is essentially a cross between a red and white wine. When white wines are made, the skins are discarded from the grape juice prior to fermentation. To make red wine, the juice is fermented with the skin which produces the colour and this is also contains the tannins.

Orange wine is made using white grapes but following the method used to produce red wine. The orange colour comes from the amount of contact time the juice had with the skin.

Oh My Orange is made with a blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Muscat and Clairette grapes. It is delicate and smooth with notes of citrus, ripe peaches and aromatic spices. Its soft tannins result in a fresh wine with a pleasant body. A great introduction to Orange wines!

ABV: 13%

£14.49 per bottle, available at the Farm Shop

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