Hungerford Lake

Fishing on the Priory Farm Estate

A two acre lake with features to fish to including an island, plenty of marginal growth including reeds and lilies, Hungerford Lake lends itself to many styles of fishing and in the summer it can be a bite a cast. Hold onto your hats because there is no doubt that the fishing in Hungerford Lake, especially in the summer can be spectacular.

Fishing on Hungerford Lake can truly be described as awesome, especially in the summer months when a bite a cast is quite common. Like most venues, the fishing slows down in the colder months but good catches are still a real possibility.

Carp are the dominant species in Hungerford and they range from 1lb upwards to 20lb.

  • heavily stocked with carp to 20lb
  • 2 acres, 4 – 8 ft deep
  • weights in Priory Farm club matches often exceed 200lbs
  • purpose built platforms and plenty of space between pegs
  • island and plenty of marginal growth including reeds and lilies
  • perfect habitat for wildlife and birds
  • suitable to stalking, margin fishing, waggler, pole or feeder fishing
  • ideal short session and match lake
  • close to facilities and toilets

Best Bait & Tactics:

This is a one-rod only lake but to be honest, it is difficult to go wrong and virtually any fishing style works well, be it pole, float or feeder.

Favourite baits include maggots, pellets, corn, luncheon meat, cat food, dog biscuit and marshmallows.

The bigger carp are often found close to the island. Step your tackle up a bit and use a slightly bigger bait to put the smaller fish off and then you should be in with a good chance of hooking a high single or a double figured fish. Also, don’t neglect the margins which can produce some excellent catches especially later in the day.

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