Priory Lake

Fishing on the Priory Farm Estate

Built by the Victorians in the 1850s, Priory Lake is set within an area of outstanding beauty, looked down upon by the old Priory itself. Every swim has at least one feature to fish to and with depths averaging around 4ft, Priory lake is suitable for all types of fishing. Hook one of the many resident carp though and be prepared for a real scrap!

The Victorians built this lake in about 1850 and it is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Many of the specimen trees and shrubs planted at the time it was created are still growing and adding to its charm and maturity.

The fishing offers great year round sport and believe me, the carp, which are close to the original wild carp, will definitely give you a good fight !!

Whilst the main attraction is undoubtedly the carp, there are also some absolutely stunning perch, crucian carp, roach and rudd.

  • carp to 20lb with plenty of double figure fish
  • average depth 4ft
  • suitable for all fishing tactics
  • own key to gate
  • many features accessible from every swim including island growth and marginal plants
  • all tactics work well, either fishing on or near the bottom or surface fishing. Great lake for evening stalking

Best Bait & Tactics:

Priory Lake is a superb lake for the pleasure angler as it offers great sport for a wide variety of carp and coarse fish. All methods work on this lake, including, float, feeder, ledger and pole.

Coarse fish tactics and bait

For the silver fish, use light tackle and small baits including maggot, pellet sweetcorn, luncheon meat and worms.

Like most venues, the perch, which go to well over 2lb, love to feed on worms and red maggot. Try fishing for perch in the winter – they provide great sport.

The crucians are often caught on sweet corn, or pellet and the greedy roach and rudd can be caught on virtually any bait.

Carp tactics and bait

The carp in Priory Lake (mirror, common and crucian) go to 20lb and will take most baits presented on float and ledger tactics. The action can be fast and furious especially during the summer months and it is advisable to beef up your tackle if looking for one of the lakes bigger inhabitants.

“The method” can be a real winner on Priory Lake especially during the warmer months of the year when it is absolutely devastating.

Most traditional and modern hook baits work well, including boilies, sweet corn, pellets and luncheon meat. Basically try whatever you feel confident in! Try laying down a bed of feed with pellets and hemp with a small offering of the bait that you are using on the hook and do not neglect the margins.

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