5 Reasons To Visit Discovery Land

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s time to look ahead to book up children’s activities to create some special family memories.

Keeping your little one’s curious minds active is always top priority – regardless of whether it’s warm and sunny or a little wet and cold, there’s so many possibilities when venturing outdoors.

Here are our top 5 reasons to visit us this upcoming season.

#1 | A breath of fresh air.

Let’s start simple!

If we can encourage our children to enjoy nature early and they’ll be set up for a life time of exploring while embracing the health benefits of fresh air for the body and mind!

Stop. Listen to the sounds of birds, take time to really look at the bluebells and breathe deeply as you look down the rolling hills by the Giants chair. Being outside can calm a busy mind and help us all to be more present.

Discovery Land has been designed and built on this very value – to stop and share the beauty and power of nature and make space to just be. 

#2 | Turn off the screens.

We all do it, and let’s face it, after the couple of years we’ve had, the television and tablet have become a big part of modern parenting.

Discovery Land is a great opportunity to switch off and explore in the real world! Climbing, crawling and clambering is fully encouraged – make sure you bring your wellies and maybe a spare set of clothes for after! I mean, can you even call it a ‘day out’ if there’s not been a costume change or two?!

#3 | The power of laughter.

Another simple one, but it’s a biggie for us! A good belly laugh makes everything brighter. Discovery Land not only invites children to play but adults as well! Whether it’s tiptoeing through the fairy village together with whispered giggles or nearly falling over whilst desperately pulling at the sword in the stone, there is no judgment here! 

But don’t worry, if it’s been a tough sleepless night, there’s plenty of prompts to help guide your little ones with how to play serenely in the new fairy woodland (and a freshly brewed coffee from our Shepherd’s Hut may help too!).

#4 | Learn together.

Are you on the lookout for new activities that stretch your little ones’ minds and give  opportunities to walk and talk together?

Spending time outside is a great way to stimulate the senses. Smelling, feeling, seeing, and touching natural things can be enlightening – no matter how old you are! 

Here at Discovery Land, there’s something new to explore and learn at every corner. Our new Fairy Walk weaves magical storytelling with natural history, and all underpinned by the Science National Curriculum.

They won’t even realise they’re ticking off assessment criteria, but you’ll leave discussing life cycles, metamorphosis and the symbiotic relationship between fungi and trees.  Magic!

#5 | Share delicious food.

After all that fresh air and fun, you’ll be ready for a sit down and a bite to eat.

Located here within Discovery Land, our Shepherd’s Hut menu has had a face lift and boy does it look good! Frothy coffees, mouth watering cakes and treats for the children after adventuring around the Discovery Walk!

We’ve also added more picnic tables and benches around the walk, so you can share a packed lunch or a treat as you make your way around the walk.

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