Behind The Scenes | Discovery Land's Spring Trail

At Discovery Land, we strive to create immersive experiences that ignite curiosity, spark imagination, and foster a deeper connection with our natural world.

Inspired by the beauty of our surroundings and the boundless imagination of our children, each seasonal trail is meticulously crafted to blend playful storytelling with enriching learning experiences. This Spring, our focus is on celebrating the marvels of nature’s renewal and the joy of giving at ‘Pebble’s Rocky Eggs’.

With the recent launch of our Spring Trail, we invite you to delve behind the scenes and discover how our team of creatives weave their magic into our seasonal trails.

Inspired By The Seasons

Our creative journey began with Spring inspiration – a season brimming with new beginnings and the vibrant resurgence of nature after its winter slumber.

This season’s trail shines a spotlight on one of our Discovery Land Guardians, Pebble. Visitors get to know a little more about Pebble’s personality – thoughtful, loving and generous. We wanted to share the message that giving gifts is a way to show love and appreciation by celebrating Pebble’s spirit of generosity and the joy it brings to all.

Guided by this theme, we wove a narrative that integrates the wonders of nature with the joy of giving and the magic of geological marvels.

A Rocky Adventure

To bring our vision to life, we spent a lot of time delving into the world of rocks and pebbles, exploring their geological significance and timeless tales.

Collaborating with our team of creators, we designed the full journey – from the illustrations adorning our storybooks to the meticulously crafted eggs along the trail, we are proud to create everything in-house here at Discovery Land.

As an outdoor venue, it’s also imperative for us to ensure that all we create will withstand all weather and all the elements!

Imagination Takes Flight

Central to our trail experience is encouraging boundless imagination. Children are encouraged to embark on a journey through our Trail Sheets, searching for rocks of peculiar shapes and natural treasures. Young explorers receive a special trail sheet to guide them through the Secrets Books, where they can fill in details about each egg and learn about different rock types.

Learning Through Play

While our trails focus on playfulness, they are also rich in educational value. This season, you’re invited to explore the geological wonders of rocks. Many of our returning visitors love that we introduce new learnings within every seasonal trail. Last Spring, the trail was inspired by the curious natural behaviours of cuckoos in egg laying season, whilst our Summer trail ‘Growing and Sowing’ was inspired by nature’s incredible journey from seed to flower.

Celebrating Earth Month

With Earth Month in April, what a great opportunity for us to teach our younger generation about the importance of honouring our planet in all of its beauty and wonder. Many cultures have long looked at springtime as the Earth’s birthday, celebrating this time of rebirth and renewal. 

From the soil that nourishes the food we eat to the water and air that give us life, we have so much to thank our Mother Earth for.

Through playful exploration and heartfelt storytelling, we hope our Seasonal Trails at Discovery Land ignite a lifelong passion for the great outdoors and instil a sense of wonder in the hearts of all who wander through our gates.

Join us at Discovery Land!