Pumpkin Care Guide

Congratulations on selecting the perfect pumpkin!

Now, let’s ensure it stays in top-notch condition for the spooky season. By following these steps and taking precautions, you’ll preserve your pumpkin’s freshness and create a stunning Halloween decoration that will impress your friends and family while ensuring everyone’s safety. Enjoy the creative process and showcase your spooky designs with pride!

STEP 1: Clean and Disinfect

Use washing up liquid to wash the outside of your pumpkin, thoroughly drying it once cleaned. This helps eliminate harmful bacteria that could cause the pumpkin to rot.

STEP 2: clever carving

Instead of the traditional top lid, cut an opening in the back of your pumpkin. By keeping the stem intact, you allow nutrients to continue feeding the pumpkin, extending its life.

STEP 3: clean the insides

After carving, don’t forget to clean the inside. Rinse it out with water or wipe it thoroughly to remove any lingering seeds or stringy flesh, which can speed up the rotting process if left behind.

STEP 4: elevate and protect

To prevent your pumpkin from absorbing moisture and attracting insects, place it on an old plate rather than directly on the ground. To protect from morning dew and frost, bring your pumpkin inside during the night. This will help your pumpkin stay fresher for longer.

STEP 5: shelter and illuminate

Keep your pumpkin away from direct sunlight, as it can cause wilting. When it comes to lighting your creation, opt for battery-operated LED lights for safety and a longer-lasting glow. If you prefer candles, place a tea light inside a glass container to protect it from wind and prevent the flame from going out.

Don't forget!

Exercise caution when carving pumpkins, especially with children involved. Always supervise kids and ensure they use child-safe tools or provide assistance during the carving process. After Halloween, dispose of your pumpkin sustainably by composting it.