Our Top 5 Sustainable Brands

As part of Sustainable September, we are celebrating our top 5 bestselling Sustainable brands in our Food Hall here at Priory Farm. From mouth-watering chocolate to biodegradable cleaning products, we have you covered!

Tony’s Chocolonely aim for everybody in their supply chain to be happy with their chocolate, from the farmer and his children to the consumer who buys the chocolate. They are the leaders in showing the world chocolate can be made differently and without the use of modern slavery or exploitation.

And why are Tony’s bars unevenly divided? Well, this is because it doesn’t make sense for chocolate bars to be divided into equal chunks when there is so much inequality in the chocolate industry. The unevenly sized chunks of Tony’s 180g bars are a nice was of reminding us all that the profits in the chocolate industry are unfairly divided.

We have many delectable flavours for you to choose from in our Food Hall, our team’s absolute favourite is definitely be the Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt. If you are yet to try it, you’ll thank us when you do!

Based in the heart of Wiltshire, Tracklements lovingly make an award-winning range of over 60 artisan condiments, from the UK’s first Wholegrain Mustard to award-winning Fresh Chilli Jam.

To make sure all of their products taste as good as the best homemade varieties, the team make them in the same manner as you would at home; with the highest quality, natural ingredients, handmade in small batches. Tracklements are also incredibly proud to have been awarded B Corp certification.

Why not buy some of our exquisite handmade Priory Farm Pork Sausages and pair it with a jar of Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade? Or, treat yourself to a mouth watering cheese board and pick up a jar of flavoursome chutney?

Founders Sean & Mark met one night for a pint of local beer and a packet of crisps. They hatched out a plan of how to honour and celebrate these potatoes and that night the Two Farmers brand was born.
Two Farmers grow, harvest, store, cook and pack their own crisps to maintain control throughout each process and ensure delivery of the finest product. The team at Two Farmers are committed to giving back to the environment, which is why they keep their road miles low and use
100% compostable packaging.
Here at Priory Farm, we love the simplicity of a bag of Two Farmers lightly salted or the equally delicious Herefordshire Sausage & Mustard!

Did you know 27,000 trees are cut down every single day for traditional tree paper production? This means that huge areas of our planet are subject to deforestation.

By using Bamboo, The Cheeky Panda are striving to make the world a better, greener place. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world – making is extremely renewable and sustainable. Naturally
hypoallergenic, with long, smooth fibres that grip fewer dust particles which is perfect for sensitive skin.

Why not stop by the farm shop and grab yourself a pack of The Cheeky Panda toilet tissue or some handy bamboo wipes?

44% of bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That’s such a shocking waste it inspired husband and wife team Morgan & Elaine to turn their back on corporate life and do something about it! They created Crumbs Brewing.

Crumbs take loaves that would otherwise go unsold from their local bakery and turn them into beer! Each beer is brewed using a different type of leftover loaf, that way the style of the beer reflects the character of the delicious bread that makes it.

Crumbs fight food waste and make tasty, unique beers at the same time. It’s delicious beer, bread differently.