How to care for your Christmas Tree

With a little bit of tender love and care, your Christmas tree can look healthy and fresh throughout festive season. Scroll on to read our guide to looking after your tree.

1. trim the trunk

Keep the netting cover on and using a saw, cut 3cm off the bottom of your tree. This will remove any hardened sap and make sure it can absorb lots of water to stay fresh and green throughout the festive season.

How to care for your christmas tree

2. keep it hydrated

Remove the netting, then pop your tree in a bucket of water outside for 24-48 hours to avoid dehydration, before moving it indoors. When you’re ready to set your tree up, shake the tree outside to remove any loose foliage. Bring your tree to your chosen location and secure the tree in a water-retaining stand. Your tree needs to be kept in water at all times, so finding a base with a good well that you can access is really important. Fill the stand with water and keep the needles fresh by topping up the water every day to keep it looking healthy.

3. keep it cool

Constant heat or fluctuating temperatures can dry your tree out very quickly. Place the tree away from direct heat (such as an open fire or a radiator), for the longest possible display of fresh, scented needles. Give it plenty of space so that air can circulate around it, too.

4. don't forget to recycle

When the time comes to say goodbye to your tree, take your tree to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre, or check if your local council offers curb side tree collection services. Alternatively, you can shred the branches and foliage to spread under shrubs in your garden, where it will act as a weed-suppressing mulch.

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