Child and Pet Friendly Houseplants

Child and pet-friendly houseplants offer a safe and enjoyable way to introduce greenery into homes without posing harm to curious little ones or furry companions. The below plants are non-toxic and easy to care for, making them ideal choices for families looking to create a vibrant and pet-friendly indoor environment whilst keeping curious little hands or paws safe.

Scroll on to explore our top houseplants for homes with children and pets.

Maranta | Prayer Plant

A captivating plant with its distinctive patterned leaves that fold upward at night, resembling hands in prayer. With its unique behaviour and preference for indirect light, the Prayer Plant adds a touch of both visual interest and tranquillity to indoor spaces.

Pilea | Chinese Money Plant

Celebrated for its distinctive round leaves, resembling coins, and its minimalist yet eye-catching appearance. Known for its ease of care and adaptability, this plant has become a popular choice among indoor gardeners, bringing a touch of modern elegance to homes and offices.

Calathea Makoyana | Peacock Plant

Strikingly patterned leaves featuring shades of green, burgundy, and pink, resembling the vibrant plumage of a peacock. Renowned for its unique foliage and preference for indirect light, it adds a touch of tropical elegance to indoor spaces.

Calathea Lancifolia | Rattlesnake Plant

Elongated, lance-shaped leaves with intricate patterns that resemble a rattlesnake’s skin. With its preference for low to medium light and unique foliage, this plant brings both visual interest and a touch of the exotic to indoor spaces, making it a popular choice for those seeking a striking and manageable houseplant.

Phlebodium | Blue Star Fern

A captivating fern species renowned for its distinctive blue-green fronds and elegant, arching growth habit. It’s adaptable to lower light conditions and prefers higher humidity levels, making it exceptionally well-suited for bathrooms.